Happy Memorial Day, 2021

Memorial DayPatriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.”  Mark Twain

Memorial Day is one of those holidays I try not to take for granted.  But sometimes yard work, camp trips, or home projects gobble up the three day weekend.

I grew up an Air Force brat and have criss-crossed the USA several times.  We’ve lived in Maryland, Texas, Colorado, Georgia, Arizona and visited a zillion small towns in between.  Though I’ve been in California nearly 35 years I consider Colorado “home.”  Other than a high cost of living, California is easy living.  California weather is a cinch, the food is great, and the politics wacky. The Pacific Coast and Sierra Nevada is only a four hour drive apart.  Hard to beat.  Still, life was magical living in the Rockies.  California had its Gold Rush but in my mind Colorado is the real west.  And thanks to my dad’s career with the US Air Force I was blessed to grow up there.

With great appreciation I thank my military friends and family who’ve served.  Whether Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, other troubled places, or on our homeland, thank you.  And for our military families who’ve had to pick-up and go on short notice, I hope you enjoy “Cross-Country Road Trip Tests Family Harmony.”  I was honored to read this story to local Veterans groups a few years ago.  The veterans in the audience, men and women who served in the Air Force, Navy, Army, Marines, Coast Guard—smiled.

“Yep,” they nodded.  “We’ve done that.”  Happy Memorial Day.


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