Guy looks back at 1963


I reached a milestone today.  I became cordless 50 years ago when dad snipped my umbilical cord. 

I am a product of the 60’s, a planned child but unscheduled.   If you can’t remember where you were, or weren’t, here’s a glimpse at Americana in 1963…

·         Jack Nicklaus won his first Masters (and $125,000)

·         Alfred Hitchcock directed “The Birds,” a movie that still freaks me out

·         The Flintstones were a TV hit (I always had a crush on Betty)

·         The Chevy Impala was a top seller

·         The first successful liver transplant occurred

·         The sedative valium became available

·         The United States unemployment rate was 6.1%

·         The average cost of a new house was under $20,000

·         The average American income was $5,807

·         The average cost of a new car was $3,233

·         A gallon of regular gas cost $0.30

·         American life expectancy was 70 years

·         AT & T introduced touch tone phones

·         Zip codes were first implemented in the USA

·         Michael Jordan and Johnny Depp were born

·         My wife, Hun, was 2 years old (She’s still older than me.)

I downloaded this information from the new iPhone Hun bought me.  It came with programmed reminders, which reminds me my first call is to schedule a colonoscopy…

That story is just around the bend.

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