Camping in the Rain?

etc guy Dave-Barry“Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds, for the opportunity to rain on a tent.”  Dave Barry

Deschutes National Forest, Oregon
Deschutes National Forest, Oregon

Alas, Mr. Barry has it wrong, wrong, wrong.  Tent camping is GREAT unless its: snowing, raining, windy, or in an area full of bugs, snakes or knuckle-heads who play heavy metal music all night.  Or near snorers, generators, or guys who snore like generators.

I’ve traveled a bit this summer to escape Northern California’s heat.  I’ve camped in Oregon, Nevada, Utah and may yet still pull off a stint in Colorado.  We’ll see how crowded the hotels are, how lazy I become, or how demanding the kids get.   My kids are pretty good campers.  Learning how to camp is a good life skill.  For dads, camping is easier on the pocket book cuz hotel stops get expensive and someone in the room snores… 

Camp ElySo pitch your tent.  Make sure is has a good rainfly that covers top to bottom and learn how to put it on.  If you don’t put on your rainfly IT WILL RAIN.  You never know when you may need it.   We pitched three tents at this site in Ely, Nevada and it DIDN’T RAIN.  Forget the weather report.  The probability of rain on your tent parade is directly proportional to whether you put on the rainfly.  It’s a known fact since caveman days.  I’ll write more when I’m not goofing off, which has been my highest priority this summer….

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