Book Review: Dave Barry in Cyberspace

Dave Barry in CyberspaceWith word processing, there is no end to the amount of words you can crank out without having to become personally involved with what they say.”  Dave Barry in Cyberspace

Like everyone else on the planet I’ve been busy, but I make time to pitch another Dave Barry classic.  Barry’s humor fits like a well-worn glove that slides over chapped skin.  He’s comfortably funny.  From the opening paragraph Dave Barry in Cyberspace is a riot.   No need for warm-up exercises; Barry hooks you before reaching the period in the first sentence. 

Barry wrote Cyberspace in 1996 a few short years after Al Gore invented the internet.  For an old book his writing is timeless.  Whether Barry writes about millennium history, turning 40, turning 50, or relationships, he’s out of this world.  Dave Barry is from both Mars and Venus.

In Cyberspace Barry keeps non-computer geeks in mind.  His concluding words are prophetic:  “We cannot see the future; we do not know what lies around the next bend on the Information Superhighway; we cannot predict where, ultimately, the Computer Revolution will take us.  All we know for certain is that, when we finally get there, we won’t have enough RAM.”

Published by Crown Publishers, find “Dave Barry in Cyberspace” in either a big-box book store, neighborhood book store, used book store,  in cyberspace [at a site called Amazon] or at Dave’s web-site.  Enjoy the laughs.


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