Alexa, a Parent’s Assistant

My parents bought into the virtual assistant world.  Their assistant, Alexa, connects toAlexa Amazon etcguy music, games, or anything cerebral.  Alexa answers nearly any question, whether it’s the weather in Missouri or the capitol of Romania.

I challenged Alexa to see how smart she is.

“Alexa, what is the Etc.Guy blog?”

“Hmmm…,” she said.
I pressed, “Alexa, is the Etc.Guy blog any good?”
Her light blinked.  “Hmmm…”
I wondered if Alexa was plugged in.

“Alexa, are you with me?”

“Sorry, I don’t know that.”

“Alexa, you don’t know what?”

“I don’t know the Etc. Guy blog.”


“Don’t quit your day job.”

I asked Alexa one more question.  I leaned into her console like a batter crowds home plate.

“Alexa, will I live to be 100?”

“No.  To 52.”

Wait a second.  I recently turned 54. I think Alexa’s messing with me. Either that or Amazon needs to give her an upgrade.   Don’t know if I should trust just any machine…

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