About me

My GPS unit leads me home but once inside the house it no longer works. Eric-300x300I live in a household full of estrogen. My wife and two teenage daughters live in a world that revolves in ways that confuse me. Their orbits are befuddling. Technology is great for predicting weather reports, measuring blood pressure, or regulating my Ford’s thermostat. But figuring out how my wife and daughters think…I may as well forecast tornadoes.

I’m also a dreadful handyman, terrible mechanic, and has-been athlete with tired lungs and weak knees. This story is common to a lot of men.

Etc. Guy unabashedly shares the tales about a husband and father navigating through life. He tries, not always successfully, to stay out of trouble with his wife and daughters but lives on to tell the story.

Why write Etc. Guy? Because it’s cheap therapy and I’m not too embarrassed to share my tales of achievements and disasters. They actually happened. I’ll change the names to protect the innocent and may embellish a bit, but that’s my nature. Etc. Guy was created by a man with a voice, a voice of reason. (Then again, that reasoning is testosterone-based.)

I encourage your feedback and ideas. Feel free to send me a note at eric@etcguy.com or via the Facebook page. Thanks for reading Etc. Guy.