About me

My GPS unit leads me home but once inside the house it no longer works.

That line introduced my Etc. Guy blog, created in 2013 about a married father trapped in a house full of estrogen who lives to tell the story. But now my daughters are grown and I’m on my own.

I began humor writing in the early 1990s with the column, “Garbage Talk.” I worked in the garbage business at the time and wrote strange but true landfill stories. GT appeared in several gerbil-powered Northern Sacramento Valley newspapers but the column attracted a following. I fell out of humor writing for a time but rebooted it in 2012 with North State Voices, a monthly column where I talked about family life. Then came the Etc. Guy blog and my book “Let Me Tell You a Story” in 2014. I checked my internet rankings a few years ago. I was in last place. On the entire internet. Am I phased? Naah.

Etc. Guy unabashedly shares the tales of a father navigating through life. He tries, not always successfully, to stay out of trouble with his daughters but lives to tell the story. I’m a dreadful handyman, terrible mechanic, and has-been athlete with tired lungs and weak knees, a story common to a lot of men.

Why write Etc. Guy? Because it’s cheap therapy. Etc. Guy was created by a man with a voice, a voice of reason (then again that reasoning is testosterone-based).

Tour my site and visit the Etc. Guy Facebook page. I write serious stuff too and welcome your ideas. Contact me at eric@etcguy.com and I’ll be happy to respond. Thanks for reading Etc. Guy.